How To Solve Unlicensed Product Issues?

Office unlicensed product

The unlicensed product is a message that usually appears for the products that exceed the trial period and was not activated. In general Microsoft Office and Microsoft Windows operating system related products come with an activation key called as a product key. Similarly a license number to use the product for a specific period of time than Unlicensed Product.

Follow The Following Procedure For Unlicensed Product:

Office 365 is a subscription based version and it has all the packages of a standalone Microsoft office product. The subscription version stands for the periodical renewal procedure. If the user has got multiple computers and wish to install office on all the systems, this is the preferred version.

Office suite for single computer users can be a standalone product which is advisable as it is a life time edition. Every product licensing either stands with a product key or an active account as per the choice of the users. Product keys are with 25-Character and are alpha-numeric. These keys can be purchase online from a Microsoft store or the online portals.

The subscription based products must be link to the user Microsoft accounts to enjoy the benefits. This license can only be auto renew pr manually renew only if it is link to the Microsoft accounts. A life time product is a one-time purchase program and it requires. But no additional fee nor the new product keys to activate.

If the users change their computers or it’s hardware, there are chances of this unlicensed office product messages or it says requires activation. In such incidents, there are ways to activate a licensed product by calling the phone activation numbers. To access phone activation, the product activation window on the installed. Office product shows you the options to activate it online or through the phone activation procedure.

The phone activation requires a code which appears on the product activation window to be validated with the Microsoft teams. We can also assist you here with the product activation related queries on this chat page. You can ask for help or assistance with the Live Assist representatives online.

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