[Fixed] Window Error Code 1073741790-11 Solutions

Error Code 1073741790-11 appears when there is an issue in installing windows updates. This error code is common in Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating systems. The reasons for this Error Code 1073741790-11 could be with the network glitches like intermittent internet connectivity, proxy connection on an internet. They generally break the communication with the […]

[Solved] How to Fix Office Error Code 1073741790-11

Error Code 1073741790-11 : While downloading windows updates or downloading ¬†windows in general you most probably would’ve come across Microsoft Live Assist error code 1073741790-11, most commonly occurring in almost all the latest versions of windows i.e. 10,8,8.1 and 7. This maybe be due disrupted connectivity of networks (bad weather heavy traffic of users), or […]