Step By Steps Solutions For Netflix Error Code 30103

Netflix error code 30103 is well known as can not play Tittle. Netflix is a popular online video website that allows users to watch various movies and TV shows through PC, TV, tablets or mobile phones. However, sometimes when we are enjoy watching videos on Netflix, some error codes would crop up indicating that the video cannot be played due to some problems. According to the official word, indicates that some information on the device needs to be updated to solve Netflix error.

Error Code 30103

Solutions for Fixing Netflix error code 30103:

Here are three ways offered to help you. You can pick up any one of those, or try them one by one to solve the problem.To resolve the Netflix error 30103 follow the below trouble shooting methods.

Solution 1: Turn off Airplay

AirPlay has not been supported to play downloaded titles, so the Netflix error 30103 may appear when you are using AirPlay to watch a video on iPhone/iPad, iPod Touch. After that turn off AirPlay to see whether the problem can be solved.

  • Tap the AirPlay icon within the Netflix app.
  • Select your iOS device from the list.
  • Play that video again.

Solution 2: Reset Network Settings on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

  • Open Settings > General.
  • Scroll down, and tap Reset.
  • Tap Reset Network Settings.
  • However the passcode is required to enter.
  • For instance Tap Reset Network Settings option in red to confirm to reset.

Solution 3: Reinstall Netflix App

When the update has no effect, remove the app and reinstall it back again.

  • Press and hold the Netflix app icon on the Home screen until it shakes.
  • Tap the X at the top left to remove it.
    (Note: deleting the app will also eliminate any downloads stored on the device.)
  • Open App Store or Google Play Store.
  • Search Netflix and download the latest version.
  • Open the new Netflix app after installing.
  • In conclusion Enter your Netflix account to sign in.
  • Try to play a video again.
  • Above all are steps for solving Netflix Error codes.

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